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For Better or Wurst

Wurstbusters is owned by best friends and business partners Annett and Natalie who share a love for authentic German food and the passion for  hospitality . The name Wurstbusters was born on a lazy beach day in Jacksonville in 2014. We chose the name Wurstbusters, because : If the hunger strikes in the neighborhood, who you wanna call…?

We were both born and raised in Germany, Annett in Waren a.d. Müritz and Natalie in Berlin. Together we have 20 years of experience in hospitality and event management and we are excited to bring authentic, homemade German street food to the Jacksonville area.



Kerri D.

Please do yourself a big favor and visit this truck. You'll be greeted like a dear friend, and the food is fit for a king! ... I can't wait to treat myself to every single dish on their menu!

Joseph W.

As an American who has both lived in Germany and who grew up in a German neighborhood in the US, I can say without a doubt that Wurstbusters is a treat indeed. If you check their schedule- best places would be a brewery because German food goes best with a cold beer.

Megan S.

The currywurst and spaetzle combo was a dream!! Brought back so many happy memories of living in Germany. Very friendly and tasty food. You've got a repeat customer!

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